Supported applications



1.      Project title : Accessible Psychological Support for Socially Vulnerable Groups: Children, Teenagers, Youth, Unemployed, People with Low Income and Living in Regions


Beneficiary:                        Youth Psychological Aid Center

Duration of the grant:        November 2009 - March 2010

Total amount:                    95 500 Lt (27 659 EUR)

Recommended amount:    50 000 Lt (14 481 EUR)


It is well known that Lithuania struggles with serious public health problems: high rate of suicide (which is almost three times higher than the average of EU), high prevalence of various forms of violence, high incidence of alcohol abuse that leads to all sorts of other problems. Failures of state social and medical care systems are even more acute in the context of economical crisis, when financial resources of the system have significantly decreased. Lithuania still relies on a soviet type mental health care model with big psychiatric hospitals and excessive prescriptions of psychotropic drugs. Possibilities of receiving psychological support are very limited, especially if a person lives in a country side and/ or has low income (for example young people). One of the aims of the project is to enhance the working hours of emotional support service “Youth line” to make it available 24 hours per day by involving more volunteers for day-time work. The second aim is to provide free initial psychological counseling in open crisis center, where you can come without any registration, just straight from the street. The third aim is to make further psychological counseling more accessible for people with low income (for example young people). Main expected results are:

  • “Youth Line“  operating 24 hours and answering more calls;
  • YPAC crisis center provides 80-100 free initial psychological consultations and 30-50 consultations for people in crisis, suicidal or experiencing complicated bereavement;
  • subsidies for regular psychological counseling will be continued (600-700 sessions).

Activities of the project would be implemented with a number of partners from state (Vilnius municipality, Ministry of Social Security and Labor, European Economical Area and Norway, The Royal Embassy of Netherlands), private sector (telecommunication companies TEO, TELE2, newspaper “15 min.”) and NGO's (“Child Line” and others).



2.      Project title : Family Support Service


Beneficiary:                        NGO “All Saints Family Support Centre”

Duration of the grant:        January - December 2010

Total amount:                    99 496 Lt (28 219 EUR)

Recommended amount:    20 000 Lt (5 792 EUR)


Established in 2004 centre is known for concrete and efficient work with families who experience difficulties in their lives such as alcohol or drug abuse, poverty, unemployment, violence. Currently organization is in contact with around 40 families from 4 poorest districts of Vilnius city margins. The aim of the project is to reduce poverty of neighborhood community through enabling families to keep the control of their own life, to strengthen mutual assistance between the community members through the voluntary activities. Main activities are – to create the supportive environment, where unemployed community members could do job searching by using computer, telephone, newspapers. Also, to provide the professional consultation in career issues – technical and individual consultations (CV writing, self presentation skills, finding out the competences person has etc.) and to create a long time lasting contact with those who starts working in order to let them speak about the difficulties in their new working place, which could be responded in very early stages. Besides, by organising day care centre for children of social risk families and parents support group, we seek to create family support service and to do parents a good turn in holding down their work. Final, but not the last aim is to promote volunteering by allowing trainings for volunteers and different community activities.



3. Project title:  “Green Plates”


Beneficiary:                                             Community of Bishop M. Valancius of Varniai

Duration of the grant:        January  - July 2010

Total amount:                    17 540 Lt (5080 EUR)

Recommended amount:    13 538 Lt (3921 EUR)


Due to crisis municipal public funding for community needs in regions is drastically cut.  An informal youth group "S" of community of small city Varniai invited members of community for common activities – to collect waste in public places, to sort and to prepare glass (wash, break and beat) for making forms, to  agglomerate glass pieces, decorate and produce plates and other artistic works under guidance of glass artist. Project results will be presented in Varniai and Tverai. Non-informal youth group “S", members of Varniai Children's art studio, members of community of Tverai, educational staff and other members of all ages will participate in this project. Project combines regional and ecological aspects, protection of environment, creative use of glass breakage and youth employment, co-operation and self help of different generations.



4. Project title:  “Helping Hand” for Families and Kids in Klaipeda


Beneficiary:                                             NGO “From Beginning”

Duration of the grant:        January - April 2010

Total amount:                    8260 Lt (2392 EUR)

Recommended amount:    4510 Lt (1306 EUR)


While the number of poor, especially among families with children, increases in Lithuania, new methods and decisions to organise help and increase self-help in the community are needed. That new decision was the support (6-8t) gathered in Aalborg, Denmark by students from Lithuania and Aalborg’s community. This support will be transported to Lithuania by three volunteers from organization and distributed among socially supported families who raise children. This initiative will practically help to 150 families in Klaipeda, encourage the community self-help activity in Klaipeda and Lithuania, help to keep communication between students studying abroad and Lithuania, and will help to establish long term relationship with the community of Aalborg. It will also strengthen non-governmental organization “From Beginning” (established in 2005) that offers preventive social services in Klaipeda. The founder of non-governmental organization “From Beginning” is public organization of Information and Support for large Families Center.



5. Project title:  Training for Police Officers and Social Workers about Otherness


Beneficiary:                                             NGO “Center for Civic Initiatives” (CCI)

Duration of the grant:        February - April 2010

Total amount:                    65 700 Lt (19 028 EUR)

Recommended amount:    25 000 Lt (7 241 EUR)


There was a rising of racist violence in Lithuania in the years 2004-2008. Politicians and media finally opened the eyes to this problem only in 2008 when White-power skinheads made their first public procession. Long years experience of CCI and recent public discussions on immigration issues shows that racist ideas and hostility against „others“ as well as aggressive behaviour in general is growing and is very popular among „normal“ people, and aggressive skinheads feel invisible, but strong moral support of these people. Great role in solving issues of otherness plays police and social workers. Their qualification in this field is not sufficient; therefore project will make attempts to solve this situation. Project aim is to raise qualification and skills of police and social workers in working with otherness in Lithuania. Main activities include 10 seminars in 10 cities for police officers and social workers; public discussions with policy makers, police, social workers and others on discrimination issues. Project partners: News radio, Internet portal Delfi, Police Department at the Ministry of Interior Affairs.



6. Project title:  Decalogue - Dialogue in Lithuania


Beneficiary:                                             Independent theatre company “Utopia”

Duration of the grant:        January - April 2010

Total amount:                    67 567 Lt (19 568 EUR)

Recommended amount:    50 000 Lt (14 480 EUR)


In 2009, Lithuania's non-governmental sector was negatively impacted by a number of different factors (social and economic  downturns, sudden negative changes in tax policy, reduction of funding programmes for cultural NGO’s, decition of the Minsitry of Culture to withdraw compensations for space renting costs for  independent cultural companies etc.).  Those events made literally impossible to „keep on going“ even most successful young companies like theatre „Utopia“ consisting of 8 young artists who produced already 5 new works and gained reputation of one of the most interesting young theatre group in Lithuania.  Their emblematic performance  „Decalogue“ is based on the Ten Commandments  and deals with the human beeing issues, moral choices, quest for truth in contemporary Lithuania. The performance will be presented in trade schools, foster homes, Caritas and  Adolescent Day Centers etc. as well as in tradicinal cultural/ community centres in regions with excessive rate of unemployment, predominance non-Lithuanian language (Sirvintos, Trakai, Ukmerge, Salcininkai, Varena etc.) which have been never visited by major state theatres.  Project takes place  mainly in regions with limited cultural access, it is orientated to socially disadvantaged  audiences , and will enable young promising  group of artists to continue their creative work.





1. Project title:  The Continuity of Social Services for Mentally Ill in Kaunas Club “Friends of Fate”


Beneficiary:                                             Association “Friends of Fate”

Duration of the grant:        February - April 2010, and afterwards 

Total amount:                    16 890 Lt (4892 EUR)

Recommended amount:    16 890 Lt (4892 EUR)


The Kaunas club „Friends of Fate“ began its existence as the nongovernmental organization in 2001, founded by patients with mental illness themselves. The qualified specialists work at the organization for almost 9 years, succesfully providing such services as art therapy, relaxation, remedial gymnastics, self-help groups, psychotherapy, support care at home, sociocultural activities, computer literacy. About 90 members from the club are receiving those packages of services - aproximately 4800 services per year. The club is open for 5 hours everyday, while the services of self – help training at home may be provided at free time, sometimes during weekends or holidays if needed. Services providede by the club are paid from grants which Club receives on annual basis from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour and from the Kaunas municipality.

      Kaunas municipality supports the activities of the club by renting premices with important tax concessions, but the Rent Contract was changed and from December of 2009 Club has to move to the new place, which needs basic repairment works. Due to the crisis the local government cannot give more support than assignating new premicies which are not adopted for any activities. This means, that more than 90 people with psychical disorders may not receive services and that there is also risk for the continuity of the service work and supporting activities, leading to the serious disturbancies of the interests and rights of the club members. This risk is more serious, because of the great deficit of the comunity services for people with mental illnesses in Kaunas city.

      The services in Kaunas club „Frieds of Fate“ are given by highly qualified specialists continuously during the year. The main goal of this project – is to safeguard the continuity of this work by making the reparation of electric instalation, heating and security systems, seting the water register, relocation of the furniture. The implementation of this project will preserve the continuity of the social services for the 90 people with mental illness.


2. Project title: Support Groups for Unemployed Individuals


Beneficiary:                        Religious Community “Holly Cross House”

Duration of the grant:        February - December 2010

Total amount:                    74 500 Lt (21 576 EUR)

Recommended amount:    20 000 Lt (5 792 EUR)


The Holy Cross House is situated in Vilnius and has an experience of work with self-help groups, psychological groups for divorced persons, for those, whose family member has committed a suicide or suffer from cancer. People used to come to the House to have an individual psychological consultation or to discuss certain social issues. Personnel of the House noticed that among visitors a number of educated people or professional workers significantly increased with rapid growth of unemployment in the country. That’s why it was decided to organize training seminars for specific groups of jobless people: 1) single parents with children, who have lost their job; 2) women going back to work after a longer period; 3) elderly persons, still of age to work; 4) families with many children; 5) social risk persons. Training will be provided by the group of professionals consisting of social workers, psychologists, specialists from The Riomeris’ Law University (for providing juridical help). It is foreseen to organize sessions on three topics with every group: motivational psychological session “My future belongs on me and on my input efforts”; practical seminar “My plans and control of the budget” (how develop new planning skills for those who lost job and incomes); knowledge “How to enter / come back to the job market “.

After training seminars in groups, The Holy Cross House will keep those people in a self-help groups, will encourage them to start social activities in order not to lose hope to find a job and to learn how to accept their situation without a big stress which they feel right now. The intention of the project is to try to change depressive mood of jobless people and also to encourage them to start a voluntary work, since that could help in their situation too; to give the different point of view to problem and to teach them how to live right now with a very low income and to maintain hope, that they are still needed by their families and society.



3. Project title:  Common Efforts to Overcome Difficulties


Beneficiary:                                             Community of Padvariai village in Ukmerge region

Duration of the grant:        March - September, 2010

Total amount:                    12 000 Lt (3475 EUR)

Recommended amount:    7 000 Lt (2027 EUR)


The community of Padvariai village, consisting of 50 members, suffers from unemployment, from social disjuncture, people feel themselves abandoned and unnecessary, what is typical for many remote villages in the country. Community members decided to take initiative and developed plan how to change the situation and to overcome crisis by strengthening volunteering work. It was decided:

·         to train new leaders from young generation, to broaden their skills and knowledge how to develop volunteering work within community;

·         to offer to other community members activities enabling them to breakthrough stagnation. 

Activities includes: leadership seminars (using play method, interactive work in groups, debates) for young community members; class of computer literacy for elder people; seminar on basics of business and trading for unemployed in collaboration with the Regional Business and Tourism Information centre; visits to neighboring sites and to build relationships with other communities in the region and to exchange positive experience. Community is willing to strengthen its capacity and has a vision in the future to revive decrepit buildings and site of Old Village for public use.



4. Project title : Lend the Hand of Goodness


Beneficiary:                        The Student Club of the College of Social Sciences

Duration of the grant:        September - December 2010

Total amount:                    10 000 Lt (2896 EUR)

Recommended amount:    6 700 Lt (1940 EUR)


The project is intended to promote and spread ideas of self-help and voluntary services which are extremely lacking in society experiencing crisis. The project brings together two different social groups – youth and pensioners – which usually pass each other. School and college students will organize a common action offering social services, public financial cooperation, nurturance of new traditions, and regeneration of human values. Young participants of the project will constantly visit old people appointed by the specialists from the Social Services Department at their living places and will actively try to improve their household and social conditions with their handicraft items or services. Well-known public figures or representatives of the authorities will be invited to this solidarity action in order to encourage young people to pay more attention to the improvement of the old people’s conditions. Special attention will be given to the publicity of the project in order to disseminate ideas of voluntarism. The students‘ club from the College of Social Sciences is a rapidly growing and widely-known for its public activities association of young people, who organizes various activities both in Klaipeda region and Lithuania for homeless, physically and mentally disabled children, young and old people, offer them social service and support. The students’ club from the College of Social Sciences tries to involve more and more citizens of the port city into the promotion and organization of public help for the weakest group of the society.


5. Project title:  Traveling Social Cuisine


Beneficiary:                                             National Institute of Social Integration

Duration of the grant:        May - December, 2010

Total amount:                    100 910 Lt (29 226 EUR)

Recommended amount:    45 000 Lt (13 033 EUR)


The objective of the project is to strengthen NGOs in regions and to enable them in 10 towns (from different regions) to overcome stagnation and depression caused by crisis. “Travelling Social Cuisine” includes a set of methods aimed at bringing together different groups of citizens, encouraging them to examine social challenges of the crisis and proposing creative solutions. In this Cuisine will be strengthen citizenship while “cooking“ the anti-crisis activities. In each city: 1) will be made snapshot social map identifying social changes in relation with crisis in concrete city; 2) will be organized NVO fairs for making contacts and uniting anti-crisis activities on local level, including seminars on human rights “All Equal – All Different”; 3) will be held sessions of “Living library” and “Uncomfortable cinema” (discussions about discrimination, tolerance issues and stereotypes of various vulnerable groups), “Forum Theatre” (simulation method in conflict situations for communities). It is foreseen that around 5000 people will participate in the project, including 200 small NGO’s, local communities, vulnerable groups and not employed. Partners of the projects are: The National Association of Youth Affairs, public institution The Arts Training House; Lithuanian Centre for Human Rights, Lithuanian Students’ Parliament, and Child care homes.


6. Project title:  The Fostering of Solidarity in the Public Sphere – “Rather Than Cursing Darkness, Let’s a Candle Be Lit”


Beneficiary:                                             Public Institution “”

Duration of the grant:        May - December 2010

Total amount:                    57 500 Lt (16 653 EUR)

Recommended amount:    49 800 Lt (14 423 EUR)


The internet news portal “” was founded in 2004 as an alternative (to profit-making media) internet news provider. From the very beginning “” has openly declared main principles of work: no criminal news, no exaggerated scandals, respect for human’s dignity, openness to different points of view, reliability of sources, concern about the life of ordinary people, civil enforcement through different projects. The owners of non-profit organization “” and the publishers of are the Vilnius Franciscan Monastery of St. Bernard and St. Francisco.

Media climate lacks positive information and news because the main trend is to inform about negative aspects of social, political or economical life. Majority of media channels are orientated towards scandals, criminal news and focus mainly on the small number of most powerful members of society. A lot of people, communities and organizations in Lithuania have original and innovative solutions and ways how to tackle with different kinds of difficulties or economic turmoil but only few people knows about that. Widespread disappointment and feeling of powerless among ordinary people ruins trust in civil society. The aim of the project is to provide alternative platform for consolidation of society, strengthening solidarity in public sphere, encouraging different positive initiatives among people, as well as to promote ideas and ideals of free, open, democratic and civil society. Target group: Lithuanian speaking internet users all over the world. “” has quite big audience (monthly audience of about 160 450 unique readers) which are eager to look for information (average time spent in “” is about 6 minutes and it is five time longer than for example in most popular internet daily

Project contains of four complementary initiatives: 1) Essay competition “Rather than cursing darkness, let’s a candle be lit” with the aim to give a chance for people not only to participate in various positive initiatives but also to spread information about them; 2) Cycle of special interviews and commentaries “To thanks for the freedom”; 3) The school of Solidarity. Information about ongoing positive initiatives and actions in social and cultural spheres showing how it is possible creatively deal with challenges during turmoil times all over the country. They would be presented in various forms (not only interviews, or texts but also sounds lids, video ect.) in three already existing sections of internet daily (Civil initiatives, “Sankirtos”, From the Silence) and a new section Solidarity; 4) maintenance of dialogue – discussions. This part of the project enable not only to get a feedback from the readers and to know that they think about certain publications but also would give a chance to reach people living is rural areas and small town. Project should contribute to stronger ideas and ideals of open, initiative and democratic society as well as enrichment of social capital. Project will contribute to positive changes of psychological climate in the society and enable people to believe in their efforts to influence development of democratic society.


7. Project title: Social Dialogue


Beneficiary:                        NGO “Lithuanian Young Falcon Union”

Duration of the grant:        May – December, 2010

Total amount:                    66 500 Lt (19 260 EUR)

Recommended amount:    25 000 Lt (7 241 EUR)


Roma children living in Kirtimai district suffer from permanent discrimination, social and territorial exclusion. Due to the lack of support provided for Roma community centre (further – RCC), they cannot implement programs minimizing the existing exclusion. In relation to that children do not get any educational assistance and motivational support in doing their homework. As a consequence of the reduced support, most of the activities earlier carried out by RCC are stopped: children lost the possibility to attend extracurricular activities and develop their social skills. The unsolved marginalization problem is only increasing, whereas children keep struggling to find their way to school. A mutual Lithuanian Young Falcon Union (LYFU) and RCC project is aiming to create a new long-term solution. During the project implementation a new connection between Lithuanian volunteers and Roma children is going to be established and cherished. The project would create a new system of caring for educational needs of Roma children. The essence of the project – cooperation between Lithuanian volunteers and Roma children based on friendship and solidarity while increasing the motivation of Roma children to attend school and their possibilities to successfully become part of the school community. A well developed relationship may help  to overcome the uneven attention of the state towards the integration of Roma children (e.g. when the support for resources for learning is withheld, it could be provided by the families of LYFU members). The support is needed to ensure a successful creation and trial of a new model: composition of a volunteer network and their training, intermediation provided by the psychologist and social workers at the beginning of the programme and development of the programme of non-formal educational extracurricular activities. Following the establishment and trial of the integration model sustained by voluntary work, it could be pursued on voluntary basis with partial newly found governmental or municipal support.


8. Project title: The Platform for Independent Minds


Beneficiary:                        Public institution “Meno dienos”

Duration of the grant:        May – December, 2010

Total amount:                    152 800 Lt (44 254 EUR)

Recommended amount:    60 150 Lt (17 421 EUR)


The independent media and non-governmental organizations are facing elimination from the public discourse due to global crisis and growing influence of neo-liberal ideology.  As a consequence of economic downturn Lithuanian government has started turning away from the principle that was introduced around ten years ago and has proved productivity: financing projects rather than institutions. Since the public discussion of policies doesn’t exist, the decisions of politicians remain virtually unquestioned.  Meanwhile, guaranteed subsidies destroy the environment of healthy competition and lead to stagnation. The project aims to raise the society from complacent stagnation and initiate a public discussion among people with different experiences and views. Such a discussion is vital not only for the survival of non-governmental organizations, but also for the development of civil and democratic society. The programme will address current issues by providing a platform to express different ideas and will help to overcome the restrictions of financial censorship and submissive indifference prevalent in the public sphere. It will work on three levels: open live discussion, publication in the press and online discussion. Each month the independent cultural weekly 7 meno dienos will publish a special report on pressing issues. Then those issues will be brought to the debate club, which will invite independent experts in various areas and representatives of the government, non-governmental organizations and independent cultural organizations (Free university – LUNI), civil movements and marginalized public groups. The discussion among the public will be also moderated online at The results will be brought to the attention of the government and the society by publishing them in 7 meno dienos, thus actively shaping cultural policies in Lithuania. Partners of the Program: Vilnius Academy of Arts (the debate club will meet at the venue of VDA, Titanikas), Art Printing House, European Humanitarian University (EHU), Vilnius University Gender Studies Centre, Tolerant Youth Association, Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Art Creators Union, Centre for Equal Opportunities. 

The topics for discussions: 

Public Space: Freedom of Expression or Will to Dominate?

 Media and Human Rights;

Culture Production, Management and Financing;

Lithuanian Cultural Policy and Market Ideology;

Neighbor or Other: The European Humanitarian University from Perspectives of Vilnius and Minsk; Independent Media: A Guarantee of Democracy or a Cry in the Wilderness?

New Illiterates or New Writing: The Internet and Language Culture.


9. Project title: Countering Hate: Monitoring, Awareness-raising and Improvement of Legal Practice


Beneficiary:                        Human Right Monitoring Institute

Duration of the grant:        April – December, 2010

Total amount:                    139 000 Lt (40 257 EUR)

Recommended amount:    63 186 Lt (18 300 EUR)


One of the negative consequences of the ongoing financial crisis and economic recession is a rise in racist, anti-semitic, xenophobic, migrantphobic and otherwise intolerant sentiment, as most vulnerable sectors of the population seek to scapegoat others. Racist, anti-semitic, homophobic, islamophobic expressions in media, in particular electronic media, that incite hatred has been on steady increase over the last years. This correlates with the growth of the skinhead movement in Lithuania, significant increase of racist and similar attacks against individuals belonging to racial, ethnic, religious, sexual and other minorities, desecration of Jewish cemeteries, restrictions on freedom of expression for homosexuals, prevailing hostile and discriminatory attitude towards the members of the Roma community.

Lithuanian courts and law enforcement institutions are not ready to meet the challenge. International human rights bodies  - UN Committee against Racial Discrimination, European Commission against Racism and Intolerance – have repeatedly emphasized that  various actors of the criminal justice system in Lithuania have little knowledge of exisiting provisions and international legal standards. In order to improve legal response to racism and other forms of intolerance, additional steps are needed towards more frequent use of legal provisions against hate crimes and improvement of legal practice in this field. Consistent monitoring of hateful expressions and consistency in filing requests to open pre-trial investigations and bring perpetrators to justice, as practiced by HRMI, is widely considered as useful initiative which should be continued, intensified, and supported by the awareness-raising media campaign. Initial consultations with relevant actors also demonstrate that collection of leading examples of legal practice in Member States of the Council of Europe and by the European Court of Human Rights and production of practical guidelines would substantially contribute to improvements.

Project activities include: 1) production of practical guidelines on application of legal standards; 2) media monitoring; 3) strategic litigation on behalf of vulnerable groups; 4) advocacy and awareness raising campaign.


10. Project title : ST.YOU – Social Business Lab


Beneficiary:                        Charity and support foundation „OUR FOUNDATION“

Duration of the grant:        August  2010 - June 2011

Total amount:                    68 766 Lt (19 916 EUR)

Recommended amount:    54 302 Lt (15 727 EUR)


ST.YOU project is aimed at decreasing social exclusion of four community groups, i.e. disadvantaged women, problematic youth, senior citizens and physically disabled individuals. It’s an innovative anti-crisis initiative that will bring different artists (and experts) and socially excluded individuals in order to learn producing competitive products that could be sold in nowadays markets. Artists and volunteers will run practical workshops aimed at teaching disadvantaged individuals self-esteem and self-sustainability. An objective is to produce 100 units of social cause products that will be sold at charity store NOT A SHOP (owned by the Our Foundation). ST.YOU social business lab will involve 40 socially excluded individuals, providing them guidance and opportunity to generate income on their own (after the project is finished).  Workshops will be held in Anyksciai, Telsiai and Vilnius. In addition the Our Foundation will run a motivation campaign in order to promote volunteerism in Lithuania and an educational public relations campaign to promote ideas of social business, civic responsibilities and charitable trends. ST.YOU project will join various NGOs, businesses and community members for one philanthropic purpose. Project partners: Vilnius Mother and Child Pension (state subsidised institution), Design gallery/store Hotel of Things (Ltd.), Zemaičių Community Fund (NGO), Mazoji Guboja (NGO). A charity and support organization the Our Foundation is a newly established institution - a pioneer organization practicing venture philanthropy whereby new projects and organizations are developed or initiated. The first support program is targeted at social exclusion and developing social businesses. The organization has 10 members working on a volunteering basis.



11. Project title:  FRESHMAN (Virtual labour exchange for young artists and creators)


Beneficiary:                                             Public enterprise „Idea of a revolution“

Duration of the grant:        September  2010 -  September  2011

Total amount:                    65 680 Lt (19 022 EUR)

Recommended amount:    48 560 Lt (14 064 EUR)


Throughout the five last years, Pravda magazine & it's website, established by the mixture group of young humanitarians, emerging artists  and  entrepreneurs,  managed to create a unique environment & series of events promoting fresh, new talents - film makers, actors, directors, musicians, choreographers, writers, photographers etc.  Starting from 2005 “Pravda Freshman Awards” and “Pravda One Minute Film Festival”, two successful annual initiatives dedicated to the debutant creators, not only provided the platform for introducing new talents, but created the first contact between employers and fresh talent. Currently young people make one of biggest part of unemployed; at the same time country suffers from the lack of fresh thinking and stimulating ideas, brain drain processes takes dangerous scale. Potential employers are on the search for the most promising new people, which are not known yet and thus comparably cheap labor force.

The aim of the “Freshman” project is to develop the existing website into the platform of fresh & upcoming Lithuanian creators & artists where they could be found by the potential employers or representatives from art, business & creative industries. In this platform the most interesting “Freshmen” are presented, evaluated & judged by the experts & professionals from the respective fields or art. The experts will provide the artist with professional feedback, advice & guidance. The audience participates in the voting, evaluating & commenting of proposed ideas or creative work. The highlighted project/ artist will be publicly promoted across the media channels of Pravda & its partners (15,  Opus3,  Delfi ) in a form of dialogue between the fresh debutants & experienced masters. This continuous initiative would let concentrate on the already existing results of Pravda's activity - close attention to art & culture newcomers - while solving the fundamental problem in the time of crisis, i.e. the deficit of employment opportunities & lack of media attention for the fresh artists. The newly developed data base would become a sort of "fresh art labor exchange" which would continue to flourish after the formal ending of the project. In the long run a hub of new ideas, fresh thinking and micro-projects will be developed. Project also contains social networking, integration of existing new media solutions. The project is orientated towards: 1) young creators, musicians, artists, writers, filmmakers, photographers (up to 30 year old); 2) potential employers in creative industries (advertising agencies, design firms, web solutions companies), clients, commissioners; 3) wide youth audience (15-35) following new trends, names and emerging artists.


12. Project title: Museum For The Blind


Beneficiary:                        Lithuanian Artists ‘Association, Kaunas Branch

Duration of the grant:        September 2010 – December 2010

Total amount:                    30 500 Lt (8 696 EUR)

Recommended amount:    10 000 Lt (2 899 EUR)


Project is created to integrate the blind into the sphere of art as one of the main fields of human communication. There are about 15,000 blind people in Lithuania. Art education and spread inside this social group is highly limited because of natural reasons; the blind don‘t have a possibility to visit art museums or canters that are not adjusted to their needs, what is still the case in many public spaces.

A unique permanent exhibition „Museum for the Blind” was started at M. Zilinskas Art Gallery (Kaunas) in 2006. Works of modern and contemporary art of famous Lithuanian artists are shown here. All exhibits are original (no copies or moulages), all of them were designed considering the specific art perception of the blind: relief-like or 3D exhibits are to be „scanned“ by fingers, sound and aroma installations are used, special light effects applied (for the partially sighted), interactive works stimulate the physical approach, there are labels in Braille. Trained museum educators lead the blind visitors and represent the exhibition.

The project should be supplemented with new contemporary artworks so that it reveals the variety of art broader and deeper for the blind. Since the base is created, the project initiators see the possibility to invite acknowledged Lithuanian artists to create original works for the blind; exposition needs to be rearranged, new annotations and labels in Braille should be prepared, new artworks installed and the improvement presented in public. In crisis time artists, experiencing lack of commissions or selling’s of their work, are eager to turn towards vulnerable social groups, what in normal situation wouldn’t happen.  It is a good chance to encourage artistic and social field work together for the benefit of both groups and social cohesion.  Project‘s partners: National M.K.Ciurlionis Art Museum, Lithuanian Association of the Blind and Sight-Impaired.



13.  Project title:  „You can do it!”  Out-Off-School Activities ‘Program For Children From Orphanages


Beneficiary:                                             Public organization „Human Pro“

Duration of the grant:        September 2010 - December 2010

Total amount:                    79 600 Lt (23 073 EUR)

Recommended amount:    15 500 Lt (4 493 EUR)


Children growing at orphanages and families of social risk are linked to criminal life style, today 2/3 of youth at prisons are from orphanages, because free time they spend at the street or in their environment. Children growing at orphanages or families of social risk have very limited possibilities for out-off-school activities, sports. Furthermore free-of charge services of such type due to economic crisis had closed today. The project implemented through the partnership of the Lithuanian Police, the Fund of basketball player Linas Kleiza and Human Pro will make possibility for around 120 children from orphanages or families of social risk to be gathered and trained at the Police learning centre, sports halls in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda free of charge. All year round activities according to the set timetable include training in three sections: cynology (dogs), equestrian (horses) sports, martial arts (judo, sambo). Achieved results will be presented in public festivities of cities and communities (6 public events are foreseen in 3 cities till the end of the year). Police officers will provide with professional coaches and trainers from all above mentioned fields. Coordination, attraction of press, part of equipment, is offered by the L.Kleiza Fund and Human Pro. The EF – Lithuania will cover transport and meals expenses for children, part of fees for trainers and part of sports munitions’.


14. Project title:  Humanistic School of Art „ Baltas lapas“ (White Page)


Beneficiary:                                             Public Institution Humanistic School of Art „Baltas lapas“

Duration of the grant:        September 2010 - May 2011

Total amount:                    62 780 Lt (18 197 EUR)

Recommended amount:    30 000 Lt (8 696 EUR)


Project aims at training people with academic-artistic background who have lost jobs or are not able to earn a living from their creative work during the crisis to use modern digital & computer technologies and to explore areas where they could materialize their artistic and/or creative skills. Acquiring additional qualifications (or extending opportunities for the existing ones) would contribute to better integration of such people under current labor-market conditions. Subjects to be trained: creating computer (digital) illustrations; creating, processing and editing digital images. People would be trained how to draw, create illustrations and design in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop, get familiar with artistic and technical potential of the above-mentioned software, task planning and sequencing. Educational training classes will provide them with updated information in using modern computer technologies to create, develop and prepare their artworks for the final output in different kinds of media: press, web, or video. They will acquire practical knowledge and experience in computer graphics’ workflow by bringing to life their own ideas taking advantage of modern equipment and assistance provided by Open Job and Creative Work Centre (Centre).

Project objectives:

1. provision of new qualifications that would improve competition on the labor market and promoting employment;

2. entrepreneurship training for artists;

3. social integration of elder and retirement age professional artists.

 “Open Job and Creative Work Centre” will offer three types of activities:

-  training (free for target groups at which the project is aimed);

-  possibility to use an established computer workplace – enhancing computer graphic skills or bringing to life existing commercial and non-commercial projects  (free of charge for target groups of the project, hourly fee for others);

-  expositional space – artists will be welcome to arrange exhibitions of their works (not only computer graphics), meet clients etc. Exhibition of artworks will be free of charge for artists and visitors.

As a result, re-skilled artists would have more opportunities to find their place not only in the Lithuanian labor market but in foreign labor markets as well. In addition, fine artists are also interested in modern technologies as one more tool for artistic expression. Project will start as a free specialized educational training and open workplace provider.



15. Project title:  Inconvenient Films: Education That Works


Beneficiary:                                             Lithuanian Centre for Human Rights     

Duration of the grant:        August 2010 - November 2010

Total amount:                    98 340 Lt (28 504 EUR)

Recommended amount:    20 000 Lt (5 797 EUR)


Economic crisis became a challenge for rather weak Lithuanian civil society. Frustration with democratically elected institutions, feeling of society being powerless, growth of radical populist ideologies and their followers are increasing the tension in the Lithuanian society. The scapegoats for bad economic situation are being chased through the growth of Anti-Semitism, xenophobia or open violence. Despite that, promotion of democratic values and human rights education (further - HRE) disappeared from agenda of state institutions and business, whereas non-governmental organizations lost even the poor opportunities to carry out HRE.

Project "Inconvenient Films: Education that Works" has multiple aims:

  • Challenge the stereotype that HRE is luxury (which can be waived during recession), whereas, effective civic education should be prioritized in educational systems of any democratic state.
  • Directly affect the society's values, respond to the increasing radical ideologies, reduce xenophobia and raise the public awareness on HR.
  • Demonstrate the significance of civil initiatives and promote culture of philanthropy.

The project coordinators will merge new activities with existing experience to achieve the aims. In the framework of the project a program of 30 human rights films will be composed accompanied by the public discussions run by HR experts. Alongside film festival the audience will have a possibility to visit "Social market", where various initiatives will be presented by non-governmental organizations that are active in HRE, integration of minorities and reduction of social exclusion. The best initiatives will receive partial support donated by the visitors of the festival. The project will be finalized by the round table discussion organized in cooperation with the project partners: French Cultural Centre and Czech NGO "People in Need". HRE experts, politicians and NGO activists will discuss on the situation of HRE in Lithuania, French and Czech experts will share good practice examples of HRE.  Since foundation in 1994 Lithuanian Centre for Human Rights implementing numerous HRE projects and carried out researches in the field.



16. Project title:  Strengthening of the Network of Assistance With Things


Beneficiary:                                             Civic Responsibility Foundation              

Duration of the grant:        September 2010 - February 2011

Total amount:                    77 680 Lt (22 516 EUR)

Recommended amount:    30 000 Lt (8 696 EUR)


The project aims to strengthen the functioning of the network The website was launched in Lithuania in March 2010, and has already shown not only the need for such activities, but also the impact. The website during only first month of it's existence, has gathered over four hundred needs, and met a hundreds of them, but later on the activities of project decreased due to the lack of wide public information about new charitable service: potential donors don’t know enough about possibility to offer various maybe unnecessary for them things for people in need; the latter don’t know enough where to look for aid. The activities of network – identifying the needs of people in poverty, searching for donors of things – are based on voluntary work. In order to ensure efficient operations of the network it is necessary to expand the network of supporters and to properly inform about the possibility of giving aid with things. The project activities will focus specifically on these areas.

The target audiences of the project are: people and institutions that are in poverty and with needs, social workers, potential volunteers, who can objectively identify people in poverty and their needs, the general public, which will provide aid with things.

Expected results of the project:

-          around 20 000 of people in poverty will be identified in virtual network of; around  4 000 needs of people in poverty  will be fulfilled;

-          60 municipalities will be involved in  the project;

-          1200 social workers will be involved in the network of;

-          1300 volunteers will be involved in the  network of;

-          800 volunteers (that have never been  volunteers) involved in the  network of;

-          24 press releases will be disseminated;

-          Visibility of the network of will increase per 20 percent;

-          60 libraries will be involved in the Project;

-          120 communities will be involved in the Project.

The charity and support foundation Civic Responsibility Foundation (CRF) is developing the culture of philanthropy in Lithuania, supporting non-governmental organizations and initiatives by citizens.


17. Project title: Books Exchange


Beneficiary:                        Public Institution “Infocourse”, Klaipeda

Duration of the grant:        October 2010 - September 2011

Total amount:                    9 025 Lt (2 614 EUR)

Recommended amount:    8 875 Lt (2 570 EUR)


During economic crisis budget of many families is limited on “survival” expenses (covers basic needs - food, clothes, health care and housing bills). The budget part for education, leisure/ culture and other activities remarkably decreased or even disappeared. The project offers to introduce in Klaipeda (the third biggest city in Lithuania) the book exchange service by using existing inner resources and voluntary work. It will also help to activate self help activities on the level of communities. Project will involve both people living in the city and various organisations able to donate books or to offer premises for book exchange points. At the beginning the promotional campaign will be organised in the city in order encourage people to donate books and to inform about possibility to exchange books. Various organisations, community centres, NGO’s will be asked to express their wish to became book collecting points and/or to host book exchange points. It is planned that around 20 book collecting points will operate in all areas of the city.  At the beginning it is foreseen that 3 book exchange points will be opened in the premises of social partners – mainly NGO’s, which are able to secure further administration process and to involve volunteers. The benefit of this project will be increased accessibility of paper books, there will be more possibilities to share or donate books, and this project will develop collaboration between ordinary people and different social and business organizations. It is expected that after the project period more books exchange points in Klaipeda will be opened, maybe in combination with other social services under the roof of various organisations. The EF grant will cover expenses for equipment of book collecting and exchange places (shelves, storage boxes), informational campaign and small administrative costs.

18. Project title: We Need Each Other


Beneficiary:                        Public institution “Assistance to Teenagers Initiative”

Duration of the grant:        February - August 2011

Total amount:                    24725 Lt (7 167 EUR)

Recommended amount:    10 000 Lt (2 899 EUR)

Project advocates the alternative approach to the activities of children foster homes or orphanages which still makes inadequately large part in the system of desolated children care.

The project is meant to introduce and strengthen new forms of providing facilities to foster-parents’ and care-takers’ families, when adopted children live in them already.  Until now the main efforts are focused on searching and training potential parents before  adoption of a child; at the same time children are not involved (professionally supervised) in preparation process to live in/ with a family. When a child is adopted or is already in the custody those families are left on their own. Practice shows that later often appear problems with interpersonal relationship between care-takers and children which reflects in behaviour of the children, in feelings of care-takers, also in social image of the families. On the other hand, when foster-parents adopt a child, they confront with different practical problems: how to overcome conflicts, to create new relationships in the family, etc.  As a result, some families decide to withdraw their custody or even paternity, others are afraid  - especially in unstable economic situation - to take responsibility for weaker members of society. As a result the process of adoption in pure society is facing serious problems.

The aim of the project is to create and test the training program how to live together for all members of such families.  10 families, 15 children, including biological and adopted children and children in the custody from Sirvintos, Vilnius, Alytus regions, and Vilnius city will directly take part in the project. Interactive training will involve all participants: adults and children. The content of learning program is based on cultivating positive parentage, social and communication skills.  Results of the project: creation of foster-parents’/care-takers’ families teaching program, practical effectiveness and recommendations for further usage formulated, methodical publication based on practical experience of foster-parents/care-takers published.

Partners: State service for children rights protection and adoption, sections of Children rights protection in Sirvintos,  Alytus, in Vilnius city and Vilnius region, associations of Care-takers in Sirvintos region, in Alytus, UAB “ BergHOFF Baltija”.

The grant of the EFL will cover mainly training expenses (fee for lectors, accommodation, and transportation) and publication of methodological edition (The Sub Board didn’t recommend to support the purchase of multimedia and too high expenses for rent of premises) 

19. Project title: Lifebuoy for Children and Teenagers in the Regions


Beneficiary:                        Public organization „Children – a Part of Society“

Duration of the grant:        February - August 2011

Total amount:                    72 025 Lt (20 877 EUR)

Recommended amount:    25 000 Lt (7 241 EUR)


Public organization „Children – a Part of Society“ was established over ten years ago with an office in the old town of the capital city – Vilnius. Its activities, however, have always targeted children and families living in Vilnius region. Nearly five years ago it also opened its Children centres in two other regions – Sirvintos and Radviliskis, where were dedicated teachers, and where municipalities offered at least some financial support. Nowadays, the municipalities can hardly provide any financial support, that‘s why the organization has been working mainly thanks to volunteers (teachers, parents, and friends).

The Project “Lifebuoy for Children and Teenagers in the Regions” will last 8 months. It will provide educational and occupational opportunities for over 120 children from risk families as well as children and teenagers from socially-disadvantaged families. The major project activities will take place on Saturdays, when kids in the regions have “nothing to do”. In the centres of the organization, children will be invited to do some design, make pictures, write a calendar of events of the organization, and also to take care of their families and younger family members. 

In the course of the project, a “3 day camp” will be organized for some 45 children and 6 teachers. The camp gives the opportunity to make deeper impact on children’s skills and behaviour. It will be organized in a nice country tourism farmstead which offers a lot of sports/exercising opportunities as well as teaches children to cook and work in the kitchen. Besides, teachers will arrange lectures and will apply some attractive and efficient methods to speak about the harm of alcohol, drugs and nicotine.

A conference for children (about 80), parents (no less than 10), and teachers (about 15) will be one more important activity of the project. At the conference children will be asked to share their accomplishments, new experiences, whatsoever. Parents will be asked also to speak about importance of child-occupation on Saturdays, and share their views of future activities and needs of risk- and socially-disadvantaged families. Teachers will share their recommendations for their school colleagues.

In general, the project is mainly about children participation, involvement, support to families in need, developing fund-generating opportunities for the organization, and promoting lessons learned by an NGO working with children and for children. The support of the EFL will be given for supervising social workers and teachers of children’s art activities, for purchase of materials for handicraft work, 3 days camp costs (accommodation, food, transport), publication of Diary – Calendar.


20. Project title: Volunteers Office


Beneficiary:                        Lithuanian Youth Council (Association)

Duration of the grant:        February – June 2011

Total amount:                    146039 Lt (42 330 EUR)

Recommended amount:    40 000 Lt (11 594 EUR)


The  aim of the project “Volunteer Office” is to promote volunteering among different society groups. In the face of the economic crisis there is a unique opportunity to attract more people to take part in voluntary activities, as well to promote involvement into community matters by empowering individuals. To gain more visibility for volunteering, the project will be carried out as an information/ advocacy campaign - a TV project „Volunteers Office “ (12 broadcast shown on main channel of the Lithuanian National TV during prime time) in order to reach a broad audience and cover the territory of Lithuania.   

Forseen results. Various situations shown during the broadcast will enable to identify legal gaps that volunteers and voluntary activities face. This should give grounds for further improvement within the legal basis. Public discussions with politicians, lawers and volunteer representatives are forseen to tackle these issues. Financial partners: the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour, PLL TEO. Project partners: CV.LT, AUKOK.LT, DELFI.LT contribute free of charge for their service.


21. Project title: Assistance for People Nursing Ill Relatives


Beneficiary:                              Telsiai women’s community “Akvalina”

Duration of the grant:        March 2011 – February  2012

Total amount:                    74791 Lt (21 679 EUR)

Recommended amount:    40 000 Lt (11 594 EUR)


Problem. As a consequence of ageing society, number of seriously ill people who need care and supervision is growing. Over 90% of these individuals are cared for at home under the supervision of their family members, mostly women from 45 to 60. People who are nursing invalids need as much and sometimes even more help as the ill person they are taking care of. Until now, and especially in crisis times, these individuals are left to their fate and do not get any help.

Goal of the project: To provide a broad range of assistance to families caring for elderly family members with disabilities or special needs, bringing caretakers together in the self-help groups.

The target group: families with patients, who need to be taken care of (120 – 140 families from the whole region)

The most important actions. Caretakers training in order to improve their own quality of life and of the patient they are nursing. The training intended for residents of all townships includes lectures, practical skills development workshops, cultural and spiritual education. Family members will participate in the training course all year round in the groups consisting of 10 – 12 people. Social workers from 10 districts will be involved. 15 – 20 students of  the social department of Zemaitija College will join the project as volunteers. They will replace family members at home while training courses will take place. All participants of the project (around 200 people) two times per year (around Easter and Christmas time) will be welcomed at the parish of Telsiai.

The planned result. Quality improvement of care of disabled and people with special needs, expansion of caretakers social network,  individuals‘ taking care of ill people integration into society, establishment of self-help groups, bringing forth and dissemination of the idea of volunteer assistance among young people and rural communities.

Project partners. Social Assistance and Welfare Division of Telsiai District Municipality Administration, department of Social sciences at the Zemaitija College, Ltd. Zemaitija Mental Health Center.




1. Project title: Development of Crisis Intervention Activities in Lithuania


Beneficiary:                        Youth Psychological Aid Centre

Duration of the grant:        March 2011 – January 2012

Total amount:                    397 130 Lt (115 110EUR)

Recommended amount:    330 958 Lt (95 930 EUR)


The project will not only significantly enhance the activities of Crisis Intervention Centre in Vilnius (department of YPAC) and strengthen the YPAC capabilities to provide emotional support by telephone and internet. It will offer as well accessible psychological support and models of providing such support in small towns of Lithuania. In other words this project will help to bring psychological and emotional support to the places where it's mostly lacking and needed. In order to achieve this goal there are planned many activities in regions of the country: educational meetings with local people, training for workers of a primary prevention chain, free counselling sessions for people living in small towns. Most of these activities are new and are offered as our response to the present situation. Project activities also include the expanding of YPAC Crisis Intervention Services such as longer working hours, free psychiatric consultations, free counselling by e-mail and Skype, psychological counselling free of charge or with reduced charge ; the ongoing training seminars for volunteers and for trainees of volunteers, new software for internet support.


2. Project title: „Let’s Teach!“ in the Schools of Rural Areas


Beneficiary:                        The Center for School Improvement

Duration of the grant:        April 2011 – December 2012

Recommended amount:    407 562 Lt (118 134 EUR)


Studies show that Lithuania is the country of the least happy children in Europe. The big number of children grow up in very difficult socio-economic conditions, they do not feel safe at schools and they suffer bullying more often than many of their peers in other European countries. Many children do not experience the joy of learning and their learning achievements are poor. The situation is further aggravated by the economic crisis in the country that particularly affects inhabitants of the regions located far from major urban centers.

In an effort to respond to the situation and the results of the studies showing that the achievements of pupils and the way they feel to a great extent depend on the specific teacher, the program “Let’s Teach!” seeks to attract to schools young, professional people ready to help each child and particularly those children who need an inspiring role model, support and genuine attention.

The pilot version of social program “Let’s Teach!” was launched in 2008 and drew 21 young people to schools. Only a few young people, when they started working in the schools, thought of continuing their career there for more than two years, but at the end of the first stage of the program, 14 of 21 teachers are planning to work for another year and longer. The success of pilot years inspired to continue the program with the focus on rural areas. The organizers already received more than 500 applications from young people ready to spend at least two years working as teachers in distant from urban centers places. It is planned that in coming two years around 40–50 teachers of the program will be working at schools and will be in direct contact with 9,000–10,000 children.

3. Project title: The first Online Donations Portal in Lithuania


Beneficiary:                        PI Goodwill Projects” 

Duration of the grant:        May 2011 – December 2012

Total amount:                    324 535 Lt (94 068 EUR)

Recommended amount:    183 299 Lt ( 53 130 EUR)


A review of websites of Charity funds (Funds) and NGO’s present in Lithuania showed the following problems:

-       there is a lack of information  on the possibilities to donate money in Lithuania (no single point from where a person interested to donate could assess his/her donation options in Lithuania);

-       there is a lack of information on how to donate to a particular Fund or NGO;

-       there is no possibility to make a donation payment online (via internet bank or a credit card);

-       funds provide feedback on how the donated money was spent very rarely;

-       there is a lack of transparency in how the donated money was spent;

-       NGOs and Funds have a lack of human resources with management skills to be able to raise money effectively and efficiently.

Main goal of the project – to facilitate and ensure continuity of donations portal for Lithuanian society at large, which would enable users to have online and easy-to-find relevant information about donation possibilities in Lithuania and easy-to-use payment options to donate to charity funds and NGO’s, which in turn would have to adhere to new standards of transparency, accountability, and quality of social services.

The objectives of the project:

-       to enable individuals and legal entities to donate more conveniently;

-       to help NGO with fundraising skills;

-       to support the implementation of transparency and effectiveness standards in NGO sector;

-       to inform the general public about the online donations project, its objectives and results.

From the beginning the Organization requests the following information from NGO’s applying to financial data of the organization (results of the previous year, plans/budget for the current year), work experience with social projects, the team, description of the project and detailed budget. All of the assessed and selected organizations sign agreements confirming they will spend donated money only for the project and committing to give full financial project report.

In the long-term we want to become seen as experts of fundraising on the one hand and donating on the other. In the short-term we communicate about separate projects, their accomplishments, results and motivate to donate.  


4. Project title: Assistance for people nursing ill relatives


Beneficiary:                        Telsiai women’s community “Akvalina”

Duration of the grant:        March 2011 – February  2012

Total amount:                    74791 Lt (21 679 EUR)

Recommended amount:    40 000 Lt (11 594 EUR)


Problem. As a consequence of ageing society, number of seriously ill people who need care and supervision is growing. Over 90% of these individuals are cared for at home under the supervision of their family members, mostly women from 45 to 60. Family members of ill people face many problems: lack of knowledge about the disease, care, legal and social assistance and etc. Often one family member is obliged to resign from work, cease any communication with friends, refuse social life. The result is a rising domestic disputes – sometimes even divorce, there is no time for yourself. The caretaker is already stressed and it becomes worse with the understanding that the family member who is cared for is approaching death. Family is in crisis, which embraces economic, psychological, and social aspects. People who are nursing invalids need as much and sometimes even more help as the ill person they are taking care of. Until now, and especially in crisis times, these individuals are left to their fate and do not get any help.

Goal of the project: To provide a broad range of assistance to families caring for elderly family members with disabilities or special needs, bringing caretakers together in the self-help groups.

The target group: families with patients, who need to be taken care of (120 – 140 families from the whole region)

The most important actions. Caretakers training in order to improve their own quality of life and of the patient they are nursing. The training intended for residents of all townships includes lectures, practical skills development workshops, cultural and spiritual education. Family members will participate in the training course all year round in the groups consisting of 10 – 12 people. Social workers from 10 districts will be involved. 15 – 20 students of  the social department of Zemaitija College will join the project as volunteers. They will replace family members at home while training courses will take place. All participants of the project (around 200 people) two times per year (around Easter and Christmas time) will be welcomed at the parish of Telsiai.

Project partners. Social Assistance and Welfare Division of Telsiai District Municipality Administration, department of Social sciences at the Zemaitija College, Ltd. Zemaitija Mental Health Center.










Project title


Recomm. amount Lt


Target group

Program/ educational activities

Date, place


Childhood Valley

Plunge's region Stalgenai parish families community "Gija"

3.049 Lt

884 EUR

30 children from socially supported families

Program includes introduction to the natural beauty of the surroundings, interaction with famous local people; educational trips to Stalgenai, Varniai regional parks, Stone history museum, talks with beekeepers etc

08.2010, Plunge region


Children summer camp for the disabled  and growing in the families of the disabled

Union of people with disabilities in Moletai Land.

6.880 Lt

1.994 EUR

30  people: disabled children(15) and their family members ( 7 parents, 8 children growing in the families of the disabled)

 The  program foresees active rest by the sea, a trip to the Sea Museum, a performance of children's artistic activities ( music, poetry, acting) socializing by the fireplace ( disabled and healthy children together), meaningful and memorable closing of the camp.

08.2010, Sventoji


Summer Together

Youth Psychological Aid Centre

3.110 Lt

901 EUR

12 children at social risk

In children’s families dominated such problems as: alcoholism, unemployment, emotional and physical violence, lack of social skills. Children have to find the lodging place for the night using a map, to make up the fire, cook food; they have an opportunity to attend organized social activities, play different games.

07.2010, near Burokaraistis lake, Varena



Lithuanian Society for the Deaf, Siauliai section 

8.351 Lt

2.421 EUR

26 children

The project aims to encourage the children to express their experiences while travelling and observing nature, creating sand sculptures by the Baltic sea, their own works of art from plasticine and little stones; activities will broaden their minds and encourage their interest in the surrounding nature and improve their social skills



English Language and Artistic Expression Camp

Lithuanian Christian Fund

7.000 Lt

2.029 EUR

30 children (15 from Children Day Centre in Siauliai, 15 from socially stable families)

Children from two different social groups will be given an opportunity to interact with each other, to improve communication skills, potential of creativity through games and art therapy activities. Expected results: better intercourse among children, more sincere and trust based relationship with parents

07.2010, Berciunai, Panevezis region


Summer of Cyruliukai - 2010

Plunge child protection agency “Cyrulis”

15.928 Lt

4.617 EUR

43 children (2 groups: 7 - 11 years, 12 - 16 years)

activities of this project: the correction of the behavior and communication of children, the improvement of socialization,  training of initiative and self-expression, the distraction of children from negative surrounding, introductions to famous places in Palanga, meetings with monks and lifeguards, water and suns pleasures, the establishment of different educative programs and social-cultural support  for children

19.07 - 12.08.2010, Palanga


Creative-artistic camp Creative Handicrafts and Arts

association Alytus "Guboja"

11.524 Lt

3.340 EUR

30 disabled children + social workers

participants will be trained in daily skills: maintenance, storage and wear of clothing, personal hygiene, tidying one’s room. A contest for the tidiest room, craftwork exhibitions, sport competitions will be arranged, as well as get-together evenings and discos

12 - 18.07.2010, Palanga


Here was the sound of Lithuania

Association of Lithuanian scouting, Group of Telsiai

8.190 Lt

2.374 EUR

30 children from social risk families ( 105 camp participants, 19 leaders in total)

program is designed in cooperation with specialists from regional studies, museums, folk art, ethnologists, and priests with the aim to develop sense of self-sufficiency, responsibility and respect for native country



Joy of Knowledge for Everyone

Pupil's Support Foundation of Kupiskis Stuoka-Gucevicius Gymnasium

26.640 Lt

7.722 EUR

30 children from social risk families

4 educational sets are foreseen: artistic laboratory tutored by the professional sculptor, work in Kernave archeological museum, common activities with Uzupis artists, creation of visual diary

07 - 08.2010


Let's learn and play

Lithuanian Samaritan Society, division in Kelme

6.000 Lt

1.739 EUR

15 children (7-12 years) from partial families, unemployed parents

Educational activities planned around folk handicrafts: participants will wattle the straws, mould, create the trimming crafts etc.

07.2010, Kelme, day camp


Self-confidence encouraging program

Sports Club "Granitas"

11.414 Lt

3.308 EUR

20 children from social risk families

Activities includes miscellaneous  games, sports competitions, physical work - environmental, housekeeping, creative tasks, debates on  the various issues; project aims to develop social and public skills; Vilnius' IV the District Police Commissariat will participate in educational activities

06 - 08. 2010, Naujoji Vilnia district


Learning while resting

Children Support Centre

12.482 Lt

3.618 EUR

48 participants (22 children at social risk,  22 volunteers, 4 specialists)

The program will be orientated to learn social skills.  Children and volunteers will participate in sport activities (as friendly basketball, volleyball and football competitions, cognitive games to get know unique nature of  Varena region in Lithuania) and art workshops (as painting with hands, making fashion costumes related to the nature, making kites, making dolls and creating performances with them, creating social advertisements according children's and youth's important subjects (as friendships, healthy life style, interesting leisure activities), making sculptures). Children and volunteers will be involved not only participate in all activities, but also their will help to organize and to implement the activities. 

08.2010. Varena region


Let‘s go to the summer fun!

The Social Center of the Blessed J. Matulaitis

45.000 Lt

13.043 EUR

55 participants ( 15 disadvantaged children and adolescents, 30 young people with mental  or complex disabilities, 10 volunteers)

Activities will be carried out by volunteers, social workers and psychologists. There will be organized 8 summer camps, such as: leisure, art, integrated camps and working holiday. This will be reached by combining leisure time, education, art, sport and work (housekeeping, cooking, working in garden, clearing nature).

07 - 08. 2010; 8 summer camps (6 leisure and/or work camps; 2 integrated camps),


Let's be healthy

Degaiciai sports club

6.500 Lt

1.884 EUR

30 children from surrounding villages (12 - 17 m.)

children practice team sports and learn about the exclusive nature and the historical past. Nearby campsite there are some cognitive paths around the lakes in the forest. Children walk along the paths to discover many living there of breeding birds, animals, visit the relicts of the soviet military base in Plokstine forest.

05.07 - 12.07.2010, lake Plateliai in Plunge


Live healthy and meaningful life

"Save the children" Bagaslaviškis Children's Day Centre

8.290 Lt

2.403 EUR

15 participants from Children Day Centre

Children will see sea for the first time, will visit museums, Palanga city, and concert. Every morning they will have a chance to exercise by the sea, run, play and etc. They will have to make breakfasts and dinners by themselves as it will be kitchen with necessary dishes available. Project allows children to get healthier and physically stronger, get skills of first-aid.

08-15.2010, Sventoji


Summer camps for children and youngsters with mental disabilities 

Lithuanian welfare society for persons with mental disability „Viltis“

51.000 Lt

14.783 EUR

families raising persons with mental and developmental disabilities from all Lithuania: 280 people (90 mentally disabled, 150 foster/parents, 40 sisters/ brothers), 72 volunteers

Activities will be carried out by volunteers and psychologists, therefore there will be training arranged for them: how to effectively and purposefully organize employment and provide assistance for persons with mental and developmental problems, their brothers, sisters, parents; the problems faced by families with disabled children; what people with disabilities can do, what are their and their family members needs and etc

06 -08.2010, 3 camps


Impressive summer moments

NGO “Let’s give a smile”

21.000 Lt

6.087 EUR

42 children from 3 Children Day Centres, 6 leaders

Visits to national parks and other heritage sites will be followed by debates. Open communication will teach the camp participants to express their minds, what will strengthen their self confidence

07 - 08.2010


There will be summer

Rumsiskes Children Day Center

11.170 Lt

3.238 EUR

40 participants from 2 ChDC

children from village and urban social risk families will meet; as previous experience shows common activities destroys the negative prejudices against each other, children have many memorable moments, admire each others abilities, what intensifies children’s positive attitude and self-confidence

06 - 07.2010, combination of day camp and tourist camp


„Entrepreneurship“ camp

Vilnius Charity and Support Fund "Rupintojelis"

19.250 Lt

5.580 EUR

50 children in total, 25 handicapped and disadvantaged

Participants will have a chance to develop social and entrepreneurial skills, knowledge acquired during the school year by using non formal methods of education. Work in groups will be organized (club of young journalists and photographers, various creative workshops), Red Cross Society lectures on healthy way of life and behavior safety.

06.2007, Giruliai


Summer lessons: intercultural communication and open society values

Association „Russian Culture Centre“

20.000 Lt

5.797 EUR

40 schoolchildren (9-10th grades) at social risk, from jobless families

The combination of work in a country side house and camping trips has been designed. The biggest part of the chosen education methods is informal learning. The participants will be introduced to the possibilities of active civil involvement and the associated benefits. Professional personnel will be ensured by the project partners: Association “Youth Initiative Group”, NGO “Family Art”, Visaginas Scouts organization.

08.2010, Aukstaitija National Park


Summer           reabilitation-recreacion camp „Sea“ of Kaunas Special Olympics club

Kaunas Special olympics club

11.760 Lt

3.409 EUR

32 participants (26 with mental disabilities, 6 specialists)

This summer camp will attend handicapped people from the club, taking part in sports. While being at a camp they will change their living place, allow to recreate their parents: in such a way to recreate positive microclimate in the family. Staff will be: a coach, social worker, medical worker, cook and 2 volunteers - students.

06 - 07.2010, 2 groups x 10 days, Sventoji



Charity organization Pociuneliai community

20.000 Lt

5.797 EUR

35 from Children Day Centre, surrounding villages (6 - 12 years) and 5 specialists

The summer camp will allow keep the kids busy and fed as well as prevent them from negative side effects such as taking drugs or starting fights. Activities: visits to Clock, Amber museums, discussions about conflict solving, duties and freedom etc.

19 - 28.2010, at seaside


A true friend is a treasure

Public institution SOTAS ( Social service volunteers)

10.000 Lt

2.899 EUR

20 people from Children Day Centre (2 groups: 7-12 years.; 13-17 years.)

1 group: art therapy (drawing, making pieces from materials found near by), meetings with professional dancer and painter; games etc. 2 group: "Survival camp"  - activities in forest tour in order to use excess of energy in positive way, with participation of naturalist, serviceman.

07. 2010, seaside and Ignalina Regional Park


Stimulating social cohesion through educational activities of children

Sirvintai Children Day Centre

12.500 Lt

3.623 EUR

25 children from Children Day Centre

The program is designed both to develop social skills (hygiene, making bed, food etc) and raise curiosity and educational interests (hiking,  water entertainments , visits to National park, monastery, talks at fireplace.

07 - 08.2010, Day Centre, Paluse


Under the summer sky

Children and Youth center „Musu nameliai“

12.500 Lt

3.623 EUR

25 children from Children Day Centre

Program will be led by Vilnius Old Town Theatre actors: in theatrical way children will get knowledge about traditions of different nations, national clothes, meals, language, songs, dances, games, fairytales. Traveling to Sventoji (2 days), including introduction of different Lithuania regions and their dialects, traditions, history, culture.  

07. 2010, Naujoji Vilnia and Sventoji


Educational Summer Camp „Fostering Communication Skills“ 

Educational Debate Centre

25.000 Lt

7.246 EUR

80 children at social risk (14 - 17 years) from 25 schools from Lithuania

Educational activities will consist of content sessions, topic analysis and debates. Expected results: competences in communication and working in mixed teams, initial skills in debate & public speaking and how to use them, ideas for small local community projects. We believe that these children will get involved in local debate clubs and will become active members of their communities, able to represent their interests.

06 - 07.2010, Druskininkai


Summer Camp for Children

NGO "Help for adolescents initiative"

40.000 Lt

11.594 EUR

100 children at social risk from Lentvaris, Utena, Alytus, Sirvintai regions (7 - 14 years); 2 groups x 10 days

Participants will learn different crafts, how to cook bread, national dishes, will clear forest and contribute to rebuilding of burned local church

07 - 08.2010, Labanoras National Park


The summer of 2010 with Don Bosco

Salesian Community of Vilnius

8.016 Lt

2.323 EUR

290 children (around 110 at social risk) from Vilnius, Kaunas and surroundings, divided into groups of 30 children

Events and environment of the project will help the children to develop their moral principles, positive character features and leisure spending skills. The children are also expected to find new ways of self-expression. Children will be able to choose their favorite activities from hand works, art works or technical works under the supervision of Silesians and youth volunteers. They will be also playing sportive games, going for a walk or touring by buses and having festive events

06 - 08.2010, Salesiana residence in Tverecius (Ignalina region)


My vacations in countryside

non-governmental special primary school Svetliaciok in Klaipeda

4.000 Lt

1.159 EUR

25 handicapped children, 4 specialists

Various games, art activities, being in nature with the aim to develop self dependent skills, to take a rest for family members

08.2010, countryside in Klaipeda region


Possibility for you as well

NGO „The Power of Goodness“

9.375 Lt

2.717 EUR

60 participants (23 children with Down's syndrome,  4 volunteers, other - family members)

 Sport, educational activities, for children with disabilities, development of social skills are organized by Scouts of Zemaitija; docent of Siauliai University will give a lecture to parents.

07.2010, Sventoji


Camp „Flowery summer 2010“

Child and Adolescent Social Centre

15.000 Lt

4.348 EUR

35 children (20 from Children Day Centre, 15 children at social risk from Nemencine)

Children will learn more about their region (visits to regional museums and heritage sites), educational activities are orientated towards work in teams, better mutual understanding (team games, acting, common singing) and developing social skills (making food, cleaning kitchen and territory).

06 - 08.2010, Moletai region


Sunflower bloom

Papile village community

5.800 Lt

1.681 EUR

18 children (9 disabled, 9 at social risk, 6-16 years)

Development of social skills (buying and making healthy food, keeping daily hygiene, laying cloth, cleaning working place etc), as well as talks about violence, family role,  educational visits to library, nature reserve, making post against pollution from natural materials etc.

08.2010, Papile surroundings


HEYYY  summer

Public institution „Sermuksniukas“

22.000 Lt

6.377 EUR

44 children at social risk from Panevezys region (8 - 12 years), 2 groups

Visual art, dance, music lessons, sports at seaside, work based on Raphael personality developed methodology

06.-.07.2010, Giruliai


Ladybird from Sumskas

Sumskas parish of St archangel Mykolas

10.000 Lt

2.899 EUR

50 children at social risk (8 - 15 years)

Programe is based on nature studies: children will read books/ encyclopedias related with nature, identify local plants, trees, flowers, etc.; visits to European Park near Vilnius, to Kairenai botanical garden, Druskininkai will be organized

06 - 07.2010, Sumskas and visits out


Preventing Social Exclusion in Radviliskis District

Charity Foundation "Support for Family"

10.000 Lt

2.899 EUR

30 children at social risk

The aim is to develop communication and collaboration skills, mutual understanding and care about each other, activities includes games, discussions, visits to Klaipeda sea museum, Radiviliskis forestry (making food in open air, learning how to build up fire), Trakai and Kernave historical parks etc.

07 - 08.2010, Radviliskis and visits outside


Create your dream summer

Klaipeda region  women information centre

30.000 Lt

8.696 EUR

53 participants (children from large families, mothers and their children suffering domestic violence, mentally disabled), 2 groups

Socially excluded groups will participate in an therapeutic and recreational activities: decoupage, painting on silk, felting wool, pottery lessons, herbs and herbal preparation for the winter; visit to folk artist museum; recreation near the water: boating, fishing, walk around the lake Plateliai tourist routes, active outdoor games.

07 - 08.2010; Plateliai, rural Tourist village


Ideas of summer

Public institution „Informal ideas“

8.000 Lt

2.319 EUR

30 children at social risk (in total 180 children in camps)

 The camp combines childcare and educational service: drawing, construction, decoration from natural materials and industrial waste; integrated music, movement, theatre activities; sports and games; final exhibition. Teachers are enthusiastic young professionals

07.2010. Day camp, Jeruzale district in Vilnius


Summer day-camping for 6 to 12 year aged children

Public entity „Ziniukas“

10.000 Lt

2.899 EUR

70 children at social risk (6 - 12 years) (total 150 children during summer)

Camps are designed around major weekly theme, e.g. I Grow Fit, Crafts, We and Nature, Around the World in 5 days, Back to Medivial Ages, Lithuanian History etc.; activities include visits to worth places and facilities of Vilnius, a hike to Verkių park, table and sport games in and outside, handicraft and art sessions. 

06 - 07.2010. Day camp, Zirmunai district in Vilnius


Paths of the wisdom

community of Silėnai village „Silas“

7.000 Lt

2.029 EUR

15 village children and youngsters

Bicycle tour around region with the aim to gather information about local history, famous people, making photos and drawings; visits to local pottery, mountain of Christ's, planaire, final exhibition for community about their past.

06 - 07.2010.Siauliai region


Psychological rehabilitation  of disabled children and their family members

Charity and support foundation „Algojimas“

30.000 Lt

8.696 EUR

40 children with special needs, 40 accompanying, volunteers

Program includes exercises of self-expression with professional photograph, theatre director and artist; individual consultations, support groups and discussions with family members of disabled

06. - 08.2010, 5 camps


“Bridge” camp “Summer fantasy 2010”

Skudutiskis Academy, NGO

10.890 Lt

3.157 EUR

24 children from Children Day Centre

Sand sculpture competition, rehearsals of performance, sports

08.2010, Karkle


Children and see

Lithuanian Children's Foundation

30.000 Lt

8.696 EUR

192 children from Vilnius Children Home No 2, Lentvaris and Trakai Children homes, PI “Save the Children”, Marijampolė Child Day Care Centre, PI Roma Community Centre, Prienai village community (Prienai region),

The camp will provide for the children’s housework and participation in food preparation, trimming of the surroundings, taking care of the personal belongings and nurturing of their personal responsibility.. The plan includes work in groups, drawing contests, sports competitions, games, get-together, work activities, visits to the cultural and historic sights of Palanga and Zhemaitija.

06 - 08.2010, Palanga, several camps


Let's come together and create

„Save the children“ Akmene children day care center

25.000 Lt

7.246 EUR

70 children from Mazeikiai, Siauliai, Akmene Children Day Centres

Children will work with leather, ceramics, floristic under guidance of professionals, fair of crafts will be organized at the end

06 - 08.2010, Virvyte


Mosaic of our dreams

Uzusaliai Community Centre

7.300 Lt

2.116 EUR

15 children at social risk (7 - 14 years)

Working with children will be based on special  social skills training program ,,Bridges” (participation of children in different creative activities, which suit their requirement of self-expression and offer proper solutions of different problems. ) A lot of attention to physical health, to knowledge of   environment of children will be given as well.

07.2010, Sventoji


Disability is not an obstacle to be together

Lithuanian Association of People with Disabilities

13.080 Lt

3.791 EUR

20 participants (10 disabled)

Program aims to build a bridge between young people and disadvantaged youth. Films making workshop will be held in Land therapy centre, fully accessible to youth with physical disabilities. The workshop is based on mutual learning with assistance of movie professionals.





689.999 Lt

200.000 EUR








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